Action Items 

Ca Zeta, Pi Beta Phi - Diversity & Inclusion Action Items

As increased awareness has illuminated the systemic inequities within our country, our chapter recognizes our role in this fight. It is long overdue that the members of the California Zeta chapter of Pi Beta Phi and our Executive Council engage in a dialogue to discuss the shortcomings of our chapter and the Greek System as a whole. Greek organizations, ours included, have failed to dismantle and correct the discriminatory practices upon which our organizations were founded. In efforts to enhance our diversity and inclusion and to open a dialogue within our chapter, we have created a list of action items to implement within our chapter effective immediately. The California Zeta chapter of Pi Beta Phi stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and calls on all members to become more educated allies to the Black community and to make active commitments towards bettering themselves and our communities. This document centers on racial injustice, yet we must not be ignorant to the multitude of ways in which our organization fails to promote and welcome all types of diversity. The vision of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women is to be recognized as a premier organization for women by providing lifelong enrichment to its members and contributing to the betterment of society. We hope this is the foundation for ongoing discussions and reflection within the California Zeta chapter of Pi Beta Phi to make more robust commitments to bettering society in the years to come.


Summer 2020 Expectations
● All members must participate in a minimum of two “educational experiences”
during summer 2020
○ The following count as “educational experiences”
■ Netflix movie nights (specifically that address racial disparities) ● 1 Netflix Party = 1 educational experience
Participation in our book club + discussion
●  Counts as 2 educational experiences
●  Participation in book club without discussion counts as 1

Participation in Rachel Cargle’s #DotheWork challenge
● Counts as 2 educational experiences
■ Attending an educational experience within the community (protest, speaker, workshop, etc.)
● Counts as 1 per event attended
■ Emailing 5+ representatives regarding an issue you are passionate
about (must be written by you)
● 5 emails = 1 educational experience
○ Permitted for them to be the same message, as long as the content is original to you
● To fulfill both education experiences through emailing representatives, at a minimum emails must be on two separate issues (5+ emails per issue area)
■ Signing 20+ new petitions on a topic of your choosing
●  20+ petitions = 1 educational experience
●  To fulfill both education experiences through signing
petitions, a minimum of 40 must be signed
■ This list is non-exhaustive.​ Educational experiences can be submitted for approval upon discretion of Chapter President and Executive Council
○  NOTE: Any educational experience that occurred prior to the release of this document will not be considered, with the exception of Pi Phi sponsored Netflix Parties on racial injustice in the month of June
○  Any member who does not complete this will be​ considered for probation in the fall


Chapter Programming:
Chapter Meetings
● Mandatory quarterly anti-bias education training and discussion led or
coordinated by the Director of Diversity and Inclusion ○ Training
■ Openly discuss systemic racism within Greek Life ○ Discussion
Identify areas of improvement within our chapter and community
Present specific action items for the quarter (long and short term)
●  Should take place during second or third chapter meeting of each quarter (or
whenever Executive Board deems fit)
●  Excuses will not excuse members from attending trainings (sufficient number
of trainings will be offered to accommodate scheduling conflicts). Failure to prioritizeandattendatrainingwillresultinsocialprobationforthee​ ntirety​of the following quarter
○ **Automatic consequence to be voted on during next bylaws vote
New Member Education
●  Teach the founding of our organization in a holistic manner:
○ Women’s organizations were founded on the strength and courage of our founders to establish organizations to rival those of men and to promote the success of women during a time when women lacked equal rights
○ However, sororities are historically discriminatory and racist in their practices and have failed to address their exclusive traditions and practices since
●  Education ​must​ acknowledge the role of white privilege in our organization and the Greek System
●  Members ​must​ learn about the life of Carrie Chapman Catt. Carrie was a Pi Phi at Iowa State University who became a renowned women’s suffrage leader. She led the campaign for the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which gave U.S. women the right to vote in 1920. She served as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and was the founder of the League of Women Voters and the International Alliance of Women.
○ Context to discuss the political role sororities occupy
● At one point in the ceremony, the Chapter President will ask you to place your
handontheBibleo​ roveryourheart​.Membersmustbeencouragedtoselect the option that is most comfortable to them and no pressure should be placed on selecting the Bible
○ During the new member meeting directly prior to initiation, the Director of New Member Experience must make this option clear
● AAC - advisors will reiterate this during new member interviews prior to initiation
Founders’ Day
● Use Founders’ Day as a means to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our
organization’s history. Founders’ Day should not be a time to reimagine Pi Phi’s founding, but rather discuss how we have progressed and the direction in which we must go
Leading with Values
● ​At least 1 of the 6 leading with values ​must​ center on discrimination, racism
and privilege in an impactful way


New Position - Addition to the Leadership Team
● Director of Diversity & Inclusion to begin in the Fall
○ The Director Diversity/Inclusion promotes mindfulness of diversity and inclusion in the chapter in order to develop women of intellect and integrity. The Director Diversity/Inclusion fulfills responsibilities by influencing inclusive programming and processes and identifying resources, external experts and partnerships to engage the chapter in intercultural life on campus and in the local community. The role supports the internal development of an inclusive member experience and advocates for all members during decision-making. The Director Diversity/Inclusion collaborates with other Chapter Leadership Team members to influence inclusive policies, processes and internal/external communications while finding ways to enhance existing programming.
● NOTE: While this document focuses on racial diversity, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion will focus on diversity broadly (racial, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, etc).    
●  Member of the Community Relations Speciality Team
●  Play an active role in recruitment and its planning, ensuring recruitment
practices are inclusive
●  Mandate a Diversity & Inclusion Committee, led by the Director of Diversity &
Inclusion, to give members a safe space to directly address any discriminatory practices and continue efforts to increase diversity and inclusion
○  One member of Diversity & Inclusion Committee must always have a seat on the Leadership and Nominating Committee
○  **This committee will be added to the bylaws during next chapter bylaws vote

Leadership and Nominating Committee
● All members of LNC must attend additional bias training led or coordinated by
the D​ irector of Leadership​ prior to the first Leadership Team interview ○ Encouraged to utilize campus resources for this training
●  Upon slating our Leadership Team, LNC must be cognizant of selecting leaders that will build upon the foundation outlined in this document and reflect the diversity of background, experience and thought within our chapter
●  One sitting member of LNC must also be on the Inclusion & Diversity Committee to focus on enhancing diversity within the Leadership Team
●  Reconsider slating practices
○  Prioritizing veteran/”experienced” members upon slating the Leadership
Team excludes transfer members and those that did not join as
○  Creates an ideal for leaders within the chapter that fails to encompass
maximum diversity
○  LNC should always be cognizant of immediately disregarding an
application for the Leadership Team based on experience and familiarity within the chapter. Applicants will only be evaluated on their qualifications, ideas, and leadership potential
●  As our representing entity, we must demand more from HQ when we feel like
their actions are unsatisfactory
●  Members should never be afraid to voice their concerns with the organization
at large


Community Relations
Additions to Our Community Service Requirements
● In accordance with our vision statement, members must complete one act of
civic engagement per quarter. The following constitute “acts”  
○  Identify and sign fifteen petitions per quarter (on a topic of your choosing)
○  Email five representatives on a topic of your choosing (email must be written by member)
○  Participate in registering students to vote
○  Enroll in a class that centers on racial bias, disenfranchisement, etc.
○  Attend an event at the Multicultural Center on campus
○  Participate in a political demonstration
○  This list is non-exhaustive. “Acts” not listed can be submitted to the
Director of Service and Philanthropy and approved at her discretion

● Champions are Readers - actively partner with Title 1 schools within our
○ Invite other campus organizations to join our CAR program (USFC, CPC,
IFC, university clubs, etc)
●  Book drive - donate books to Title 1 schools within our community
●  Local Title 1 Elementary Schools:
○  Ellwood Elementary School, Goleta Union Elementary, Goleta
○  Isla Vista Elementary School, Goleta Union Elementary, Goleta
○  La Patera Elementary School, Goleta Union Elementary, Goleta
○  Adam Elementary School, Santa Maria-Bonita, Santa Barbara
○  Adams Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified, Santa Barbara
○  Cleveland Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified, Santa Barbara
○  Cold Spring Elementary School, Cold Spring Elementary. Santa Barbara
○  El Camino Elementary School, Goleta Union Elementary, Santa Barbara
○  Franklin Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified , Santa Barbara
○  Harding University Partnership, Santa Barbara Unified, Santa Barbara
○  Hollister Elementary School, Goleta Union Elementary, Santa Barbara
○  Hope Elementary School, Hope Elementary Santa Barbara
○  McKinley Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified, Santa Barbara
○  Monroe Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified Santa Barbara
○  Monte Vista Elementary School, Hope Elementary Santa Barbara
○  Montecito Union Elementary School, Montecito Union Elementary, Santa
○  Peabody Charter Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified, Santa Barbara
○  Roosevelt Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified, Santa Barbara
○  Vieja Valley Elementary School, Hope Elementary, Santa Barbara

Social Media
● Instagram
○ Our chapter Instagram should not be afraid of making political statements and sharing resources 
○  New highlight: Resources (financial, mental health, multicultural, career services, etc.)
○  Director of PR/Marketing must make an active commitment to posting relatable​ member accomplishments and highlight civic engagement
● Website
○  Post action items to our website to ensure accountability and longevity
○  Addition of page for community/campus resources geared toward
diversity and inclusivity
○  Addition of "Message from VPCR" on website about our campus
involvement and philanthropy

●  Chapter leadership (mainly Chapter President and Community Relations
Team) reach out to other campus organizations to find ways to collaborate and build connections
○  Invite them to dinners
○  Collaborate on philanthropy
○  Engage in open conversations
○  Participate in joint workshops
●  VPCR regularly informs members of campus involvement opportunities during chapter meetings
○ Encourage volunteer opportunities, particularly with Title I schools Pi Phi partners with in philanthropy

●  Prioritize holding events at minority owned businesses (food fundraisers, study
sisterhoods, etc.)
●  Actively avoid engaging with businesses/corporations known to perpetuate
racism and/or utilize prison labor
○ A nonexhaustive list of these will be provided in the test files
●  Use catering from minority owned businesses (New Member Presents, Mother Daughter, Father Daughter)
●  Trunk shows
○  Promote and partner with minority owned business
○  Select businesses that are more affordable to members


Member Accountability

Amend Bylaws
● Review chapter bylaws and implement articles with sharpened expectations of
member behavior and more explicit consequences for racist and inappropriate behavior  
● Wording will be determined by Chapter President, Vice President of Operations, and AAC.
○ **Chapter bylaws vote will take place upon regrouping of the chapter

Accountability Measures
● Immediate meeting with Member Conduct Committee in response to any
report of racist rhetoric, exclusion, or activity
○ Any microaggression (or report of) will result in member conduct
●  Members are asked to directly or indirectly (through MCC) confront sisters
when they fail to uphold Pi Phi values
●  Potential for dismissal from chapter

Accountability within Greek Community
●  Pi Phi will not engage with organizations that host events or behave in a
manner that is insensitive, inappropriate, and/or promotes racism or bias of any
●  We will hold our entire Greek Community to higher standards by bringing
attention to CPC and IFC when an organization violates these expectations
●  Pi Phi will be a leader in pushing for more from our community

Anonymous Bias Feedback Form
●  Create an ​anonymous bias feedback form​ for chapter members to report
incidences of bias related to Pi Beta Phi
●  Monitored by the Vice President of Risk Management and Director of Member

UCSB B​ias Incident Response Team Report
●  For larger incidents and/or those beyond the reach of our chapter, members
are encouraged to file a bias incident report to the University to hold others
●  To access the Bias Incident Report, click​ h​ ere​.


●  Non-bias training built into spirit week schedule hosted or coordinated by the Vice President of Recruitment and the Director of Diversity & Inclusion
○ Reflect on the identities Greek Life and our recruitment historically exclude
First-Generation students
First-Generation American citizens    
Students with lower socioeconomic status
Students with disabilities
Introverts & students with social anxiety
Gender Identity and Heteronormativity (i.e. sexual orientation)
Non-traditional students (i.e., adult students, students who are parents,
commuters, student veterans, etc.)
Students in recovery
Religious students
Body types - discuss implications of Eurocentric beauty standards
●  Videos addressing implicit biases, microaggressions, and mental health during spirit week
●  Require all members to take the IAT test to examine their implicit biases and address how they can minimize it
●  Organize a borrowing system for recruitment so that our members don’t feel
that they must purchase new clothing for recruitment and minimize the
financial strain of recruitment
●  Director of Diversity & Inclusion will participate in all Recruitment Team
meetings and affairs. She will review all recruitment plans to ensure recruitment events and programming are as inclusive as possible
○ Director of Diversity & Inclusion is responsible for educating the recruitment team and chapter on common incidents of racism and inclusion throughout recruitment in order to correct and address these areas
●  Place less emphasis on looks throughout recruitment
○  Do not require hair to look a certain way
○  Make an active commitment to dismantling Eurocentric beauty
standards Pi Phi and NPC perpetuate during recruitment
●  Push for the abolishment of legacy treatment on a national level, as Women of
Color were historically unable to join our organization and it therefore prioritizes privilege and disadvantages Women of Color and first generation college students
●  Stop tokenism in recruitment - paint a realistic image of our chapter
●  Recruitment video
○  Show a​ ll​ activities our chapter participates in - philanthropy, internships, clubs, sports, hobbies, etc
○  Depict an image that accurately reflects the diversity within our house


Isla Vista Party Culture Regarding Themed Parties
● Pi Phi will openly condemn themes that are insensitive. Standing in solidarity,
members will not attend parties with such themes 
○ If members attend a party with a denounced theme, they will face member conduct and may be referred to AAC/Exec for consideration of probation
● Members must be cognizant of their outfits to themed events. If a member dresses offensively to a party/event, they will face member conduct and may be referred to AAC/Exec for consideration of probation
● Vice President of Community Relations and the Community Relations
Specialty team will provide and ​maintain an ongoing wealth of resources within our files that promote books/articles/resources written by POC and center on race relations
Quarterly Calendar
● Recognize multicultural holidays on our quarterly chapter calendar
○ Be more mindful of cultural holidays/festivals/holy days that are not rooted in White Christian faith
● Promote campus events and educational experiences (ex. - Multicultural Center events)


Concluding Remarks
Promise to Members from Executive Council
●  To always speak up for what is right and to provide this model for the chapter.
Understand the political position and responsibility of Greek organizations.
●  To encourage political participation to create a better organization for our
members and a better society for all
●  Leaders will emulate and follow in the footsteps of Pi Phi sister Carrie Chapman
Catt and not be silent on issues that matter. The Executive Council has the responsibility to lead the chapter in ​all issues, whether they arise within the chapter or not. Chapter leaders must recognize their platform and are encouraged to utilize it for the betterment of our organization and community
●  Language must always be purposeful. Recognize and celebrate diversity in perspective
●  Encourage growth and accept mistakes within members and self. Be forgiving as members struggle to correct and address their own biases, to the extent that their efforts are genuine and mistakes are forgivable
●  Lead our chapter to be on the right side of history moving forward Prose to Chapter from Members   
●  All members will recognize that all their actions reflect positively or negatively upon our entire organization
●  When confronted about racial insensitivity or bias (whether from a chapter leader or peer), members will be receptive. Members will recognize that everyone has room to grow, and efforts to call our members out are efforts toward increasing diversity and inclusion
●  Members must actively hold themselves accountable to Pi Beta Phi standards, and be understanding if failure to do so results in consequence


Released on June 27, 2020 Maggie Alves, 2020 Chapter President